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The Help Index page provides an overview of the German Literature Collections Help. It also contains links to the general Help topics for German Literature Collections.

You can access the Help Index page by clicking the Help button on the homepage or the GLC Help button on the toolbar of any other page throughout the site.

From the GLC Search page, the GLC Browse page and the GLC results page, you can also click on a help button which is found near the bottom of the screen. This is a contextual help button and will take you to a help page appropriate to your current location in German Literature Collections. For example, if you are viewing the GLC Results page, clicking the contextual help button will take you to the GLC Results Help page.

Each Help page contains hyperlinks to other pages. You can follow these links to gain more information about a particular subject.

When you have finished looking at a Help page, you should click the Close this window button. The help window will close and your main GLC window will be active again. If you wish to keep the window open, you can also click off the Help page and the help window will be minimised.

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